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Hear about our move to Peru: Why, with who, and what for...

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Cathy said...

Hi Goodfellow family!
I heard about you on a blog post by rage against the minivan and find your story and blog inspiring. I have posted a link and a pic of your family on my blog to get more folks over to take a look at what you are doing. To raise awareness and inspire them as well. Will be praying for you guys! Can't wait to follow your journey!

You should create a button for folks to grab for their blogs to get people over to yours. ;)


Corinne Shark said...

Good fellows,

Found your Link on Rage Against the Minivan and have been tracking with you since the post with the photo of your fam in the empty garage with bags packed. That photo pierced my heart and I wept as a total willingness flooded me. God has been reshaping my husband's and my heart for something other than the American norm. He has also been stoking a fire within us to commit even more fully to battling child sex-slavery and trafficking. Next month we will leave our little ones and go to Fiji on a short term mission for this very purpose. I can't help but wonder if our 10 days there are just the beginning of something even greater in purpose.

Check out our blogs if you're interested in watching what unfolds in the lives of two people who've been inspired by your journey.

Corinne Shark

Megan said...

Hola familia Goodfellow! I came across your link on the Livesay (Haiti) blog and see that you are in Peru. My husband is from Lima (Barranco) and we go back once a year or so. Please let me know if there is ever anything that you'd like me to bring there on my next trip.

Best wishes,

B_Ferg said...

Estimada Familia de Goodfellow,

I realize this might not be the best way to reach out to the Krochet Kids family (specifically those in Peru), but it's all I could find. As the reigning Krochet Kids Skee Ball champion, I wanted to drop a line since I've been following the organization for so long now.

My name is Britten and I currently live in Costa Rica working for Costa Rica Outward Bound. Long story short, my contract here ends soon and I've been contemplating my next step. If you guys have ANY need for help, I would love to go back to Peru and help out if at ALL possible.

Email me at if there's any way to get in touch and properly introduce myself.

Btw, I was definitely sporting an Inca Kola shirt at the fundraiser tournament -

Regardless of what opportunities may or may not exist to work with KKI in Peru, I'm really excited to stay tuned for progress reports and wish nothing but the best to you guys.

Viva KKI and please don't hesitate to contact me!

mariam baurice said...
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Chadd Chuck said...

Hi! Here is my site about our explorations in Peru. Let's trade links?

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